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2017-06-13 Events

Can you imagine that new materials may changeour life and even the world?

What will the material world hold? How will bethe environment where women live? What kind of products or life do they dreamof? All these questions have already been taken into consideration byindustries of cosmetics, decorations, fashion, houseware and electronic products.

There is no doubt that female consumers will bemore and more important in enterprise competition. At present, most companiesstill focus on color, while women’s demands range from appearance to productdetails and environmental friendliness. Simple visual effect is not enoughanymore for modern women.

Neuni will lift the veil of new materials tends thatcatch ladies’ eyes. 


Althoughwomen are always attracted by beautiful things, they prefer more emotional response and connection than appearance.


 High-transparent Glass Coating

Achieved through a dip coating process, this glassproduces iridescent color effects in six different variations and makes a boldvisual statement while conveying an impressive sense of depth – making it an ideal material forarchitects, artists, and designers to create lively color accents. Its bottomlayer combines borosilicate glass, float glass and special tube-like glass. Themaximum temperature of the coating can be up to 450℃. Moreover,resistive layer have resistance to wiping, water, acid solution and organic solvent.

Odorant Paper


This product is designed to be both fun & educational.Aimed primarily at school children the rest consist of 11 sheets of different coloured paper each colour having embedded in it a matching scent which is released when scratched.

Groups of color and odor: orange/orange,light green/mint, light brown/leather, blue/sea breeze, purple/ lilac, darkgreen/Christmas tree, yellow/lemon, black/licorice, reddish brown/cinnamon,red/ strawberry/brown/garden soil.

Colors of rainbow take youto another world, while fragrance give you sweet and touch of flowers. 


mushroom packaging material

Have you seen the film Wonder Woman? Nowadays, a lots ofgirls are acting as the heroine to concern about our world. Instead of stayingin kitchen, they learn to use mushroom, an eco-friendly material, to save theEarth.

Synthetic Cellulose

Bacterial cellulose isformed out of cells by Gram-negative bacteria gluconacetobacter.

It consists of fine fibers andform a dense nanostructured network of pure cellulose. Biopolymers synthesizedby bacteria are free of secondary plant compounds, such as lignin andhemicellulose. Its three-dimensional nanostructure ensures a high mechanicalstability and high water absorption capacity in wet conditions. It isbiocompatible and applied from mask to HiFi loudspeakers, or food additives,treatment packs, and other medical materials.

Material made of food

Food has natural appeal to women. What about green materials made of food?

such as leather made of pineapple leaves 

Or mushroom leather that looks like real mushroom

Mushroom Leather

This leather-like material is made of a huge mushroom ofSouth America. Once dried and processed, it can be quite soft and applied invarious products as shoes and bags. It comes from plant, biodegradable andrenewable, with a touch of chamois leather.


Modern visual language can be built by natural texture aswell as artificial processing.

Stone Paper

Marble Skin: This veneer is cut from natural marbleand reinforced with glass fiber at a thickness of 0.9mm. At its thinnest, itcan be 0.5mm. With natural color and texture, every piece is different from therest. Granite and slate series can be made on request.

Wooden Textile

Wooden Textile: It ismade of wood and textile, neither hard nor soft. It looks and smells familiarwhile feels strange, as it is able to be moved or formed in unexpected ways. Totransform wood into a flexible wooden surface, firstly we need to deconstructwood into pieces; then connect them with textile base. Each of them hasdifferent flexibility and mobility according to their shape and size.

Lecture of the newest materialtrends

You can touch these materialsand understand their and technique!

If you are interested in our new material classes, do not miss the workshop. Seatsare limited to only Ten!

Workshop Tuition: 200RMB/person (Free for consumption above RMB 500)

Time: 2017/6/22, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Good News:We have a workshop for two weeks

Address: Middle Huaihai Road,No.222, 101#

For more information orregistration,

please contact our staff in Neuni for Her or by WeChat 

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