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2017-05-24 Neuni Life

Art is one who creates and another one who appreciates.      —— Kate Atkinson   

After days of planning and preparation, Neuni for Her was opened on May 20th under world’s expectation. If you were lucky to attend the opening ceremony, you should have been attracted by dazzling art works. You can tell us your favorite or comments, and you may get an opportunity to participate in Neuni workshop!

Have you imagined how magic the ladies’ world was

 before entering Neuni for her?

Here, every girl can find her own type:

A bag made of waterproof paper;

A clock to “hold your time”;

 Houseware breaking the stereotype;

Aromatic candles served in royal palace…

You can find not only interesting items,

but also your own lifestyle

Let’s look back at the opening night!

We invited three honored guests to our ceremony:

Lyla Wu, founder of Neuni;

Chen Hongzhu, the first special guest whose works of

( “Magic Realism” are being showed in Neuni for her;)

Li Yuqi,a famous curator planning this exhibition.

In the small forum, they talked about their own opinion on art and life, sharing their stories which touched everyone’s heart. Women should be stronger and more beautiful to live a wonderful life.

Mr. Wang, chairman of Shanhai Industrial design association, visited and gave an opening speech▲

Beautiful female visitors▲

The little hedgehog was unexpectedly the most attractive▲

A secret: if you received the gift from Neuni for her, find discount coupons and don’t forget to use them before deadline.

The opening party has come to an end. Take your time to come with your best friends and boyfriend to our pop-up shop. Neuni for her is waiting for you!

Ps: Neuni for her will provide you and your friends with a series interesting workshops to play with materials. Please follow our news, for the seat is limited.

Come and find your life aesthetics in Neuni for Her

Location: 101#, Middle Huaihai Road No.222, shanghai

Business hours:  10:00AM – 10:00PM

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