World of Innovative Materials / 创新材料的世界-Neuni MateriO 讲座系列

2016-10-08 Neuni生活

World of Innovative Materials / 创新材料的世界-Neuni MateriO 讲座系列

World of Innovative Materials 

创新材料的世界-Neuni MateriO 讲座系列

 Neuni MateriO Seminars (15-18.10)


Have you seen textile made of stone? Do you want to have a tattoo that can power your phone? Have you ever envisioned the colour of rainbow to be the inspiration for all material? What kind of material are the best for retail space?  What kind of material can be used for packaging and still edible?


你以为你看到的世界就是全部吗?10月15-18号, Neuni MateriO’将为你打开新材料的世界。

Is it all that the world you see? From 15th-18th Oct, Neuni MateriO’ will unveil the colorful world of new material for you.


World of Innovative Materials 

创新材料的世界-Neuni MateriO 讲座系列




Lyla Wu, CEO & founder of Neuni Group


Lyla is at the same time a maker, an architect, a designer, an art curator and an educator. She studied at the National University of Singapore, Chinese University Hong Kong, the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. After graduation Lyla went to work for AEDAS in China, Greg Lynn Form in USA, Graft in Germany and other well-known architectural and design companies internationally. As an educator, Lyla is currently serving as a visiting professor at Tongji University, always in the forefront of research and education in digital design and digital fabrication. In 2015, Lyla founded Neuni_lab, a workspace that combine innovation and prototyping in a laboratory environment, providing experimentation and integration of digital design, digital fabrication, co-working space, creative education, brand incubation and commercialization.  In 2016, Lyla obtained exclusive right to collaborate with MateriO and founded Neuni Materio China in Shanghai, thereby becoming the first world-class Chinese platform that provide training, incubation and trading of innovative materials.

吴迪(Lyla Wu)是一位创客、建筑师、设计师、艺术策展人和教育家。曾就读于新加坡国立大学、香港中文大学、南加州建筑学院和维也纳实用美术大学。毕业后供职于香港张志强事务所、凯达环球、美国的格雷戈•林恩(Greg Lynn Form)和德国的格拉夫特(Graft)等知名建筑设计公司。作为一名教育家,目前于同济大学担任客座教授,长期行走在中国数字设计和数字智造的研究及教育的前沿。2015年,吴迪在上海创立了创新实验室 Neuni Lab,一个集合数字设计、数字智造、联合办公、创新教育、品牌孵化和商业销售的一体化空间。2016年,吴迪和法国MateriO新材料平台合作,在上海创立了MateriO中国,成为中国第一个专注全球新材料培训,孵化和交易的创新平台。

Keynote Speaker for all the lectures during

Neuni MateriO Seminars


Elodie Ternaux,  matériO Paris Director

巴黎matériO主管:Elodie Ternaux

Engineer and industrial designer, graduated from INPG (French National Polytechnical Institute of Grenoble) and ENSCI – Les Ateliers (French National School of Industrial Design in Paris), she is the co-director of matériO, the material library dedicated to innovative « matters», based in France, Belgium, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Elodie assists clients with their projects and takes care of the training programs, the workshops and the seminars offered by matériO, as well as the exhibitions (curation and design) and the books.


Learn more about Neuni MateriO Seminars below :



An overview of the latest creative trends

15.10 2-6pm

Everything is moving so fast in our worlds, let’s take a breath and attempt to grasp what is actually going on within the design field identifying emerging trends through the prism of materials and technologies. Fruit of her travels over the world and her constant active watch of the creative scene, Elodie Ternaux, both engineer and designer, co-director of the innovative material library matériO, and author of various books, will present a comprehensive overview of the main issues designers are nowadays exploring, from the ‘designer maker’ statement and its interactions with the digital processes and its influence on creative works to the role of innovative materials, the ‘technomania’ to the matter of sustainability, to the biomimicry method, to the wood revival or to the question of social design, etc. A 360° exploration!



在我们的世界中一切都改变得如此之快,让我们放慢脚步,通过材料和技术的视角来看看在设计领域的融合趋势方面到底在发生什么事。Elodie Ternaux,工程师,设计师,创新材料库matériO联合创始人,多本书籍的作者,将凭借她游历世界的丰富经历和对设计思维的持续观察,给我们生动地介绍了目前设计师们探索的领域,从”设计师 创造者”宣言,以及与数字化进程的交叉对创造性工作的影响,到创新材料的作用,到’technomania’ ,到可持续发展,到仿生学,到木材复兴,再到社会化设计的问题,等等。一次360度的探索!

Keynote speakers : 


Dr. Sun YunSheng

PhD in Urban Planning Innovation Director, Bauhinia Valley Investment Holding Co.,Ltd.

Visiting Professor, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt.

城市规划博士 , 紫荆谷投资控股有限公司 创新与研发总监 , 德国达姆斯坦大学 全球城市班 客座教授

XiaoJing Huang

Renowned Design Strategist and TrendExpert, Strategy Director of YANG DESIGN, founder of Design StrategyInstitution. Xiaojing studied inGuangzhou and Berlin from experience design expert and has rich experience inproduct strategy, user study, service design, brand DNA and trend study.

黄晓靖,知名设计策略与趋势专家,YANG DESIGN策略总监、合伙人。就读于广州及柏林,导师为德国用户体验专家。在产品策略、用户研究、服务设计、品牌DNA及趋势分析领域具备丰富的经验


David Hartmann

Co-CEO of Cevestro

David Hartmann has spent the last decade working in the plastics industry in China, India and Europe. As part of his work, he’s been fascinated by what new materials and new materials technologies will bring to our world in the future. He’s currently the global co-CEO of the Covestro polycarbonates continuous fiber reinforced composites business, based in Shanghai.

David Hartmann在过去的10年里一直从事塑料行业,足迹遍及中国、印度和欧洲。作为工作的一部分,他一直关注新材料和新材料技术对于未来世界的影响。David目前是科思创聚碳酸酯复合材料业务的联合CEO。



An overview of materials and technologies linked to digital matters

16.10 10am-1pm

Additive manufacturing is an nowadays an object of fascination. Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, Laser sintering… These new production processes which are emerging, undoubtedly linked to the digital world, open new creative fields, give birth to new design practices, reinvent the “making”… Elodie Ternaux, both engineer and designer, co-director of the innovative material library matériO, and author of various books, will explore this digital world throughout numerous creative projects, and push the audience to question the potential outcomes of the use of such technologies.



附加建造是当今令人着迷的事物。立体平板印刷,熔融沉积塑形,激光烧结……这些新产品的流程毋庸置疑与数字世界相联系,打开了新的创新领域,创造了新的设计手法,重新定义了“制造”……Elodie Ternaux,同为设计师和工程师,创新材料图书馆materio的联合创始人,以及各类书籍的作者,将会通过大量的创新产品以及推动群众质疑这些技术的潜在使用功能,来探索这个数字世界。

Keynote speakers : 

webwxgetmsgimg-9Lim Zhang 张立名


Fab-Union is a forward research institute and sharing platform which focuses on digital design and digital fabrication technology, especially on applying robotic technology to digital fabrication. Fab-Union是国内前沿的数字化设计与建造研究机构与分享平台,尤其专注于将机器人应用于建筑数字建造领域的研究。


Lyla Wu, CEO & founder of Neuni Group




From second skin textiles to innovative building cladding solutions

16.10 3pm-6pm

Architects vie with each other to be the most ingenious when it comes to cladding buildings. From decorative effects to smart skins, materials and technologies are plenty to offer innovative solutions. Elodie Ternaux, both engineer and designer, co-director of the innovative material library matériO, and author of various books, will dive into this question of the outer layer of these architectural structures, giving many examples from all over the world.



当遇到包装建筑时,建筑师们会互相竞争成为最独立机智的设计者。从装饰效果到智能皮肤,多样的材料和技术能够提供丰富的创造效果。Elodie Ternaux,同为设计师和工程师,创新材料图书馆materio的联合创始人,以及各类书籍的作者,将会潜心研究关于这些构筑物的外层结构,提供许多来自于全球的案例样本。

Keynote Speakers :

webwxgetmsgimg-11Flaka Jahaj 

Flaka Jahaj encounters and re-imagines her own traditional heritage in the atelier in Zurich. Her collections are built out of her artisanal atelier in Prishtina. Through handcrafted knitwear ‘made in Kosovo’ Flaka extends her own conception of fashion towards a more open and inter-disciplinary approach.

 宋玮 创始人 Songwei 

Founder of Grey Lab

Grey Lab is a company that focuses on new innovation and application of concrete technique, our services include: 1) architecture and interior design; 2) construction and technique consultants; 3) Mix-Grey cement production line.

灰空间工作室是一家关注于混凝土创新与应用的工作室, 工作室服务项目分为三个部分:设计定制,施工与技术咨询以及MixGrey 产品线。



An overview of interactions between food and materials

17.10 5:30-8:30pm

From eatable ingredients becoming building materials, to food waste becoming product designs, to materials and technologies facilitating the everyday life of many food-related sectors (packaging, transportation, etc.) How do materials and technology interact with the food industry? This is what Elodie Ternaux, both engineer and designer, co-director of the innovative material library matériO, and author of various books, will explore through various angles… Bon appétit!




材料和科技是如何影响食品工业的?这就是Elodie Ternaux(同为设计师和工程师,创新材料图书馆materio的联合创始人,以及各类书籍的作者),将会通过各种角度来探索的问题….祝您有个好胃口!

Keynote Speakers :

Julia Zotter

General Manager of Zotter Chocolate Theatre


Lyla Wu, CEO & founder of Neuni Group




An overview of materials suitable for retail spaces

18.10 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Hospitality and retail are growing sectors. Stakes are high when it comes to seduce clients who are quite fickle and becoming more demanding every day. What material and technology solutions can be chosen to increase chances of success? Fruit of her travels over the world and her constant active watch of the creative scene, Elodie Ternaux, both engineer and designer, co-director of the innovative material library matériO, and author of various books, will present a selection of wall coverings, floor coverings, furnishing solutions… suitable for many styles in order to boost your retail projects!



服务业和零售业是不断发展的领域。面对捉摸不定日益苛刻的客户,想要吸引他们也日益困难。我们可以通过什么材料和技术方面的措施来增加成功几率呢?Elodie Ternaux(工程师,设计师,创新材料库matériO联合创始人,多本书籍的作者)将凭借她游历世界的丰富经历和对设计思维的持续观察,将和我们分享一系列墙体饰面、地板饰面和家具方案,多样的风格将给你的零售项目提供巨大帮助!

Keynote Speakers :


任唐胤  Sissi REN



Hong Chao Wang

Founded in New York City 2012 by Chinese Designer Hongchao Wang (ECAL) and Peng You (RCA). In the beginning, the collaboration between the design duo is mainly focused on material experiment and craft research. In late 2014 the studio relocated in Shanghai with new design partners interior architect Ge Wei (RCA) and Product Designer Qiyun Deng (ECAL) join forces, Benwu Studio become a multi-disciplinary design agency with expertise and experience in product, set and interior design. The Studio is currently based in both Shanghai & Beijing with a satellite office located in New York. Since established the studio had done a series of successful collaboration projects with clients such as Hermes, Vacheron Constantin, Cassina, Isabel Marant, Mini, Baccarat, Swarovski, Perrier Jouet, Remy Martin, Lane Crawford, Comme Moi, MFK, SKP and Erdos..

Food is served during seminars on 16th and 18th,

only limited guests who reserved or paid for those two sessions.


About Neuni MateriO China

Neuni MateriO is a platform that connects cutting edge technology and innovative manufactures with companies and independent designers. Our virtual material library houses the entire set of references carefully chosen by our team of engineers and designers all over the world. This online tool offers extensive answers to member’s queries thanks to its comprehensive research functions. Both physical and online databases are updated on a daily basis and grow through the addition of the latest innovations on an international scale. Neuni MateriO mission is to build a bridge between designers and manufactures to drive innovation through fabrication thinking.

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